Embracing A Distinct Identity

When people think about Canadian Beef, they usually think about Alberta. They don’t realize that the geography and ecosystem of BC lends itself to raising higher quality cows. That is why we aim to be the leading producer of commercial beef. To do this, we remove the barriers and obstacles that limit access and affordability for BC producers and consumers.

"Innovating should never come at undue cost to the environment"

The residents of BC care about their health and the quality of the things they are putting in their bodies. They care about the effect the companies they buy from have on the environment. They are already looking for locally sourced products. But they also buy their meat in big grocery chains, and BC ranchers can’t supply enough beef to meet the needs of these retailers, there isn’t yet a processing facility that can meet this demand and be competitive.

Living Standards

We don’t speak about high standards, we model them. Our commitment to our partners and customers is the core of our values.

Local & Sustainable

The quality of our beef is directly related to the health of the land, air and water.


Maintaining a standard that is beyond reproach in the nutrition, feeding, handing and processing of our beef.


Drawing on deep understanding and considerations we offer solutions that are both practical and accessible resulting in an approach that is best for everyone.

Staying Accountable

Transparency builds trust. This is why we are a member of 100% BC Beef Program. All of our products must comply to BC Meat standards for BC Families. This assurance means our customers are consuming top quality, sustainable and traceable products.

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