The first cattle movement to British Columbia likely occurred in 1846 when the Hudson’s Bay Company moved cattle from Fort Vancouver to Fort Kamloops and Fort Alexandria. To honour this date in history, our new 1846 brand of 100% BC Beef was created.

Our experienced team of ranchers pride themselves on their low stress handling systems and raising healthy animals without the use of hormone implants or antibiotics. The calves are raised with their mothers, roaming free through the summer, and finished at family farms. The beef is harvested at KML Meat Processors in Westwold BC with the highest standards of food safety, and attention to animal care at every step.

Ranchers herding cattle 1846

Quality antibiotic free beef that is proudly raised on family operations in the BC interior with no added hormones

We are all members of the 100% BC Beef program

All the BC ranchers, abattoirs, distributors, chefs and retail partners that provide you with the 1846 taste experience are all licensed members of the 100% BC Beef program.

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